Every guest room has an open-air onsen

Open-Air Onsen “Akaishiburo”


The owner of the ryokan laid the red stones (Akaishi) for this bath himself.
The bath's construction and the feeling that surrounds it give off the atmosphere of a classic mountain lodge.
Room 星 (HOSHI)

Open-Air Onsen “Kuroishiburo”


This bath is circular, and built of black stones.
It creates a calm atmosphere.
Room 光 (HIKARI)

Open-Air Onsen “Kiriishiburo”


Enjoy the quiet beauty of the greenery of the trees in front of you and their reflection on the surface of the water.
Room 空 (SORA)

Open-Air Onsen “Hinokiburo”


This is the only bath made of Japanese cypress.
Let the feel of the wood heal your mind as you bathe.
Room 花 (HANA)

Private Onsen

Private Open-Air Onsen “Fukunoyu”


When you immerse yourself in the open-air bath "Fuku-no-yu" (available to rent privately), the trees of the garden are right in front of you, and you can enjoy scenery that changes with the seasons.
The open-air bath for rental is available to reserve from check-in until 22:00, and overnight guests can use it for free in the mornings between 5:00-10:00.

Private Open-Air Onsen “Kounoyu”


When you are immersed in the bath water of the reserved open-air bath "Kouno-yu", there are trees in the garden at the end of the line of sight, you can also enjoy the scenery that changes according to the four seasons.
The open-air bath for rental is available to reserve from check-in until 22:00, and overnight guests can use it for free in the mornings between 5:00-10:00.

Large Public Onsen

Large Public Onsen

男女別 露天風呂

The men's and women's baths are built nearly identically, and are both open-air baths made of stone.
The open-air baths in the guest rooms have yet a different atmosphere.

Large Public Onsen

男女別 大浴場

Male hot water is almost common with male water, it becomes the inner water of the Kusumi bath.
The open-air baths in the guest rooms have yet a different atmosphere.

Every day change hot water and clean it

The water is changed and the baths are cleaned every day


We hope our cleanliness gives you the peace of mind to relax and submerge yourself each day in a fresh hot spring bath.
Please enjoy a real hot spring.

How to enter a hot spring

Please wash off your body before entering the hot spring bath


To preserve the cleanliness of the bath, please use the showers to clean yourself of any dirt.
Guests who are wearing makeup are kindly asked to cleanse their face.
Although it's good manners to wash away the dirt before entering the bath, it's also important to do so to allow your body to adjust to the temperature and shock of the bath.

First of all, Kakehu!


To guests who are inclined to jump straight into the large bath- do not!
In order to adjust your body to the temperature of the water, start by pouring water over yourself. From your ankles, to knees, to hips, then wrists, arms, and shoulders to gradually reach your chest, pouring water on yourself about 10 times will prevent an increase in blood pressure.
This is one way to protect against heart attacks and strokes that could happen in the bath.

Prepare your body by first submerging only your lower half!


Rather than submerging your whole body immediately, it's advisable to start with just half.
That way the water temperature and pressure will not place any sudden burden on your body.
Please do not allow your towel to enter the water.
Feel free to place your towel on your head.

Be moderate in your bathing and we recommend dividing up your baths


When you are hot enough to sweat, leave the water to take a short break before re-entering the bath.
You can repeat this process two or three times.
If you spend a long time in the bath, you are less likely to feel chilly afterwards.

Do not shower after bathing


It takes around three hours for the effects of the bath to sink in, so please leave the bath without showering off the medicinal properties of the hot spring water.
Lightly dry yourself with a towel.
However, for elderly guests and guests with delicate skin who use the acidic or sulphuric hot spring water (in particular water containing hydogen sulfide), it may be a good idea to rinse lightly after leaving the baths.

Don't forget to hydrate!


When you sweat, your body loses water.
Rehydrate with drinks like warm water or sports drinks.
In addition to rehydrating after your bath, it's also a good idea to drink something 15-30 minutes before your bath to help improve your circulation.

After bathing, take it easy


Bathing saps your energy.
In addition, your blood pressure fluctuates, so it's a good idea to rest for at least 30 minutes while your body returns to equilibrium.
In the meantime, dry off your hair and body so you don't feel chilly.


Our standard policy is a per-person charge which entitles each guest to one dinner and one breakfast for each night of stay, with a limit of 2 to 6 people per room.




If you come by car during winter season from December to March, you will need snow tires

Many people think that Kyushu is warm and does not snow.
Many people mistakenly believe that Kyushu is warm enough not to have snow in the winter, but the truth is that between December and March, you need to be prepared for snow.



A special discount ticket offered by JR railways, geared towards individual foreign tourists. Ride as many bullet and express trains as you'd like (Nozomi and Mizuho trains excluded) within the given time period!

Accommodation facilities & more details

Internet access Yes(Wi-Fi)
Internet connection charges No(Free)
Pets Allowed No
Onsen hot springs on accommodation Yes


Service & tax
Service charge included
Consumption tax NOT included
SPA tax(150yen) NOT included
※ New Year, Obon ,seasonal periods such as the GW may be subjected to a different price.
Most common charge style Room with Dinner and Breakfast included (per person)
Child age 4~12 Dinner and Breakfast with Futon and amenity 12,600 yen
age0~3 Free ※Option : Dinner only 3,150 yen
Cancellation Cash
Payment ※Cancellation fee
7-5 day prior : 10% of the room rate
4-2 day prior : 30% of the room rate
1 day prior :50 % of the room rate
Accomodation day : 100%


Name of accommodation Kiyasuya
Area Sugiyu Onsen(Oita)
Address 527 Sujiyu Onsen, Kokonoe-machi, Kusu-gun, Oita 879-4912,JAPAN